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Granite, Marble or Natural Stone Countertops

We appreciate your interest in Hard Rock Surfaces.  We’ve been fabricating and installing marble countertops, granite countertops, and other natural stone countertops for nearly 18 years.  We offer you the highest quality of workmanship and stone while keeping our products affordable. From Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanity Tops, Window Sills, Tub Decks, Fireplace Fronts & Hearths; our products are always fabricated and installed with the upmost precision and quality.  


We’re committed to unparalleled service and exceptional quality.
Our Services Include

Kitchen Remodeling  // Bathroom Remodeling // Fireplace Fronts // Hearths // Mantels // Bar Tops // Table Tops // Granite & Marble Stairs // Outdoor Grill Tops // Hot Tub Surround // Window Sills // Tub Decks // Much more...

Hard Rock Surface
Hard Rock Surface
Hard Rock Surface
 High Quality Materials 
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Affordable Prices
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